Steve Kettle

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Stephen Kettle 1508262Title: Chief Executive Officer, Principal Consultant

Company: Counter-Terrorist Training, Advice and Planning (C-TAP)

Location: Colchester, United Kingdom

Stephen Kettle is a highly regarded counter-terrorism professional who specializes in IED search team training, procedures for person-search, search of vehicles, all types of buildings and structures, venues, conferences, airports, hotels and public spaces, predictive behavior profiling, and security questioning. In his current capacity with Counter-Terrorist Training, Advice and Planning (C-TAP), he is in charge of designing procedure and planning reception for aircraft and hijackings, training people, and utilizing his multidiscipline counter-terrorism experience to further safety and security in the private sector around the world. Mr. Kettle is also contracted by high-end companies for anti-terrorism and security plans. Read the rest of this entry »