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Syed Absar

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Absar, Syed 1616589Title: Director of Operations

Company: Sbarro, LLC

Location: Toronto, ON, Canada

Syed Farhan Absar is a talented and results driven professional with more than 10 years of experience in leadership positions. He always loved the restaurant business and wanted to work on larger level. He worked his way up the industry’s ranks and has garnered a reputation as a strong leader who has a global perspective due to extensive traveling in Asia and North America.

Mr. Absar started as the assistant manager and moved up quickly in the company to co-manager and to his current position. In his role, he serves as the training manager, and works to hire and mentor employees. Mr. Absar also ensures customer satisfaction, designs and implements business plans, handles budgeting and forecasting, conducts inventory reports, works on the opening of new storefronts from construction to setup, sets contracts with vendors, and manages $1.7 million in revenue, and profit and loss at his location. Read the rest of this entry »