Rev. Joseph A. Blenkle

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Blenkle, Joseph 328484Title: Catholic Priest

Company: St. Mary’s Church in Fishkill

Location: Fishkill, NY United States

With a career in religious services that has spanned more than 25 years, Rev. Joseph Blenkle is regarded for his spiritual guidance as a priest in the Catholic Church. Ordained by Saint Joseph’s seminary, he entered his profession as he felt it was his calling from God. Now in his 16th year with St. Mary’s Church in Fishkill, he presides at regular mass, weddings and funerals. Additionally, he works with women in prisons and helps to prepare them to re-acclimate back into Society after serving their term. Read the rest of this entry »


Steve Carter

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Steve Carter 1651691Title: Instructor, Coordinator

Company: IUOE Local 115

Location: British Columbia, Canada

Steve Carter has 30 years experience in the asphalt paving industry and utilizes his skills and knowledge to teach paving equipment machine operation and best practice procedures. Mr. Carter is a well-established industry professional who is recognized for his extensive knowledge of the field and his willingness to pass his knowledge onto others. Aside from asphalt and paving techniques, he also teaches forklift class 4, 5, and 7 training. His career has taken him all over the world and Mr. Carter has gotten to work on numerous high-profile projects. The highlight of his career was working on a project in Malaysia in 1993, resurfacing of the Lions Gate Bridge, and working on the Vancouver International Airport Runway paving. Mr. Carter holds numerous certificates and qualifications, including a provincial instructor diploma from Vancouver Community College. He attributes all the success he has experienced throughout his career to his drive and passion. In the near future, Mr. Carter would like to expand his training base. Read the rest of this entry »

Dr. Dawn Peters-Bascombe

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Dawn Peters-Bascombe 1632825Title: Nursing Clinical Instructor, Certified Professional Coach, Legal Nurse Consultant

Company: Ryerson University

Location: Toronto, Canada

Dr. Dawn Peters-Bascombe desired to be a nurse from a young age. She has lived out her passion for more than three decades, working as a nurse and educator in the health care profession. A natural leader and team-builder, she is highly trusted and recommended among both students and peers alike to address a series of problems and concerns. Dr. Peters-Bascombe is known for brainstorming a series of ideas that lead to optimized patient care. Read the rest of this entry »

Marie Monast-Helmers

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Marie Monast-Helmers 1755562Title: Montessori Directress, Supervisor, Principal, Proprietor

Company: Our Lady Queen of Peace Montessori Bilingual School

Location: Ontario, Canada

Marie Monast-Helmers was inspired to enter then education field through teaching her children and grandchildren. She wanted to make a difference in child-rearing with the needed love and respect, and has been serving as an educator for more than two decades. As the principal, proprietor and directress of Our Lady Queen of Peace Montessori Bilingual School, Ms. Monast-Helmers is responsible for supervising all aspects of the school, teaching preschool part time, handling administrative duties, and operating a Montessori toddler and preschool facility for children 18 months to 5 years old. She says of the school, “We strive to give a professional service to the families who enroll their child(ren) at our preschool. We do beyond and above the DNA requirements. We also participate in Raising The Bar for Quality in our district. We are a Catholic private preschool opened to all other denominational registrants whose parents agree with our philosophy. Prayer is said at our first circle and at all meals. The children are also learning French as a second language, a sound base for French Immersion Schools in town.” Ms. Monast-Helmers had been able to excel in her field due to her hard work and her determination to succeed. Read the rest of this entry »

Roberta Murray Hirst

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LogoTitle: Retired Founder

Company: Pretty River Academy

Location: Ontario, Canada

Roberta Murray Hirst is an education specialist who founded Pretty River Academy, an independent school that provided education for students in preschool through grade 12. Pretty River Academy started with 20 students, and at its high had 165 students. Ms. Murray Hirst has dedicated 32 years to the field of academia and established the school when she saw a need for its services in the area. An expert in coaching and developing strategies, Ms. Murray Hirst was responsible for teaching high school and elementary grades, training, and hiring staff. She also developed strategic plans to build upon the school’s reputation. Ms. Murray Hirst worked and developed the school for 15 years before retiring. She has achieved great success throughout her illustrious career and believes she has excelled because of her integrity and spirit, as well as her ability to engage her students and families. Looking toward the future, Ms. Murray Hirst intends to pursue the position of dean, or possibly become a professional consultant. Read the rest of this entry »

Karen Marie Eveland

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Karen Eveland 1426413Title: Retired Family Nurse Practitioner

Company: The College of St. Scholastica

Location: Backus, MN, United States

Karen Marie Eveland dedicated 51 years of services to the health care industry. She had a reputation for building strong relationships with patients and for being well versed in diabetes, women’s health, pediatrics, and general family practice. Before retiring, Ms. Eveland worked as a family nurse practitioner at The College of St. Scholastica.

She was inspired to follow a career path toward success by a doctor who suggested that she enroll in a program that would allow her to become skilled in the area of nursing. Ms. Eveland completed coursework in nursing at the Swedish Hospital School of Nursing, and went on to receive a master’s degree in family practice from The College of St. Scholastica, the institute of higher education that she also served diligently as a family nurse practitioner. Read the rest of this entry »