Gerard de Zeeuw

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LogoTitle: Professor

Company: University of Leuven

Location: Belgium

Inspired by his father and grandfather, who were both professors, Dr. Gerard de Zeeuw entered the field of academia more than 50 years ago. He is recognized for his experience and knowledge of mathematical modeling and statistics, as well as his expertise in research and methodology. In his capacity at the University of Leuven, Dr. de Zeeuw is tasked with teaching and conducting research on statistics, philosophy and methodology.

Dr. de Zeeuw spent the majority of his career working at the University of Amsterdam. He also served as director of the Center for Innovation and Cooperative Technology, in Amsterdam, and of the Lincoln Research Centre, as well as a professor of research of the University of Lincoln, and visiting professor at the University of Lincolnshire and Humberside and London School of Economics. Read the rest of this entry »


Albert Elam

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Albert Elam 543137Title: Adjunct Professor

Company: International Business Academy

Location: Kolding, Denmark

Dr. Albert G. Elam, DBA, MBA, AFC, CCEA, CCA, CGFM is a well-traveled and well-educated professional who draws on his military and corporate experience to better serve students at the International Business Academy in Denmark. Dr. Elam joined the university’s ranks 13 years ago and has become a respected professor who is known for his ability to relate to his students. He teaches finance, accounting and strategy courses.

Dr. Elam’s illustrious career spans more than three decades and includes numerous leadership and executive positions. He began his professional journey in the United States Air Force where he served for 23 years and worked in six countries. He retired as a lieutenant colonel. Dr. Elam also worked as a partner at a consulting firm for 28 years where he specialized in individual and small business financial counseling for clients in the United States and Denmark. Dr. Elam worked in both the private and public sectors and served as a chief financial officer and chief administrative officer in the transportation and retail industries. Read the rest of this entry »

Dr. Benjamin Lowinsky

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LogoTitle: Professor

Company: York University

Location: Ontario, Canada

Believing that history is an important discipline to acquire knowledge about the world, as it addresses all the aspects of the other fields that people take for granted, Dr. Benjamin Lowinsky made the decision to get involved in the education field. He came from an academic family and thoroughly enjoyed the lively discussions he and his family had at the dinner table, discussing politics, culture and history. Dr. Lowinsky continues to have lively discussions with students at York University.

Dr. Lowinsky has been teaching at York University for 29 years and has garnered 37 years of experience in education. An expert in United States history, as well as foreign policy with respect to Canada and the rest of the world, and United States and German relations, he is responsible for teaching a variety of history classes. Dr. Lowinsky teaches history as imbedded in social science, social and political thought, politic ideology and ideas from the 18th to 21st centuries, as well as different causes and movements in a variety of countries, including the U.S. and countries in Europe. He also teaches a course in historiography, which is the history of history.  Read the rest of this entry »