Kristina Schneider-Irudayam

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LogoTitle: 1) SAP Senior Consultant 2) Organizer

Company: 1) Spirit/21 2) Business Women Bodensee

Location: Markdorf, Germany

Kristina Schneider-Irudayam’s desire to be involved in information technology inspired her to pursue a career in the industry. She started working in the field 12 years ago and joined Spirit/21 in 2013. An expert in SAP, Ms. Schneider-Irudayam is responsible for going to companies and explaining their business to make processes simpler.

Aside from her work at Spirit/21, Ms. Schneider-Irudayam is the organizer for Business Women Bodensee, a women’s network for entrepreneurs and self-employed women. She organizes meetings for women, as well as small workshops for social media and communications between women. Ms. Schneider-Irudayam  is committed to the cause of female entrepreneurship and looks to help others make connections.

Prior to attaining her current positions, Ms. Schneider-Irudayam served in a variety of roles in IT and logistics. She was the SAP team leader at Orange Business Services, head of outbound logistics and project manager at SIka, and outbound logistics, project manager for the service unit SAP services at SBB. Ms. Schneider-Irudayam was also a business analyst at ifm electronic gmbh and Schaeffler.

Ms. Schneider-Irudayam has 25 years of professional experience and has achieved great success in her endeavors. She believes she has been able to excel in IT and networking because she enjoys what she does. In the coming years, Ms. Schneider-Irudayam intends to become more experiences in the SAP field, as well as remain open to new opportunities.

Kristina Schneider-Irudayam

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