Tonie Granata

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Granata, Toni 2032894Title: Vice President of Digital, Content and Channel Marketing

Company: Mackenzie Investments

Location: Richmond Hill, ON, Canada

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Dave Food

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Title: Strategy Director

Company: Prophetic Technologies

Location: Egham, United Kingdom

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David J. Armstrong

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David Armstrong 1946974Title: Vice President of Marketing

Company: Konica Minolta Business Solutions (Canada) Ltd.

Location: Ontario, Canada

After receiving an MBA, David J. Armstrong began working in sales for Xerox, where he gained experience in business equipment. He enjoyed the field, which inspired him to continue working in sales and marketing. Mr. Armstrong has 35 years of professional experience and is recognized for his ability to generate and formulate dysfunctional teams and put them back together. In his role, Mr. Armstrong is responsible for overseeing the leading element of the company, growing relationships with leasing partners’ companies, identifying who needs training and coordinating training, maintaining pricing responsibility for all hardware products, liaising for third-party leasing companies, building third-party relationships which would benefit the company, holding strategic marketing responsibility, handling direct and dealer channel marketing, as well as marketing analytics, and sales training and development. Read the rest of this entry »

Doris Kusenberg

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Doris KusenbergTitle:  Senior Communications Manager, Gift Solutions

Company: Swarovski Elements

Location: Wattens, Austria

Wattens, Austria, January 29, 2015, In her current capacity, Doris Kusenberg is responsible for building the corporate gift business unit for Swarovski. She developed the team in Hong Kong and Europe, as well as two standard product collections for the market, plus the customization service processes. Before that, she led the interior team, working on B2B solutions for crystal application and usage in the various interior product categories and industries. Read the rest of this entry »

Christian Thioudellet

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Christian Thioudellet 1786514Title: Vice President, Brand Recruitment (Europe)

Company: IZP Technologies

Location: France

Christian D. Thioudellet is the vice president of brand recruitment for Europe at IZP Technologies, a marketing company that offers a wide range of digital marketing services. A focused and innovative leader, Mr. Thioudellet has become an integral member of IZP Technologies’ staff.  He works on long-term strategies and short-term action plans that look to assist the company in reaching its business goals. Mr. Thioudellet also draws on his strong skill set in marketing to oversee brand recruitment.

Prior to assuming his current role, Mr. Thioudellet was the regional general manager of ASEAN at L’Oréal, general manager of Alberto Culver, and business unit director of CIDELEC. His varied background exposed him to all facets of the business world and he became well versed in business-to-business communication, developing business and marketing strategies, and managing diverse teams. Throughout his career, Mr. Thioudellet has taken the lead in new product launches and international development. He takes great pride in his work and assisting his employer, as well as his clients, in developing a stronger global presence. Read the rest of this entry »

Sylvain Desfossés

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Sylvain Desfosses 1529986Title: Vice President

Company: Médialliance Inc.

Location: Montreal, Canada

Sylvain Desfossés is a highly regarded marketing and advertising professional who has garnered 22 years of experience in the industry. He draws on his strong skill set and industry knowledge to fulfill his responsibilities as the vice president of Médialliance Inc., which unites seven independent strategists who provide clients with consulting and media strategy services. In his role, he is responsible for overseeing neuromarketing, media buying, strategic planning, media intelligence, marketing research, and business and marketing strategies.

Mr. Desfossés began his career as a media planner at Cossette and quickly established himself as a major industry player. Throughout his illustrious career, Mr. Desfossés has worked for prominent companies and brands, gaining experience in marketing communication and media research. Mr. Desfossés earned numerous awards for his work and continues to advance the industry through running his own company, Desfossés Media inc. (Formerly Millisecondes).

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Rick Hannon

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Rick Hannon 1359458Title: Marketing Consultant

Company: Executive Management Group

Location: Smithtown, NY, United States

Rick Hannon established Executive management Group, a product brokerage and Internet marketing company that provides one-to-one marketing services, in October 1992. For the past 21 years, he has assisted countless clients is marketing their products and creating strategies to develop their businesses. An expert in success coaching, Mr. Hannon is responsible for hosting training seminars for sales teams, and teaching people how to work from home.

Mr. Hannon’s idea for Executive Management Group was inspired by his meeting with an executive in the Internet marketing field. He believed he could draw on his past experience and strong skill set to create a marketing and consulting business that would provide clients with a variety of Internet services.  Read the rest of this entry »

Tony Seaman

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Title: Group Sales and Marketing Director

Company: Attraction World

Location: Birmingham, United Kingdom

Tony Seaman brings exceptional problem-solving abilities to his position as group sales and marketing director at Attraction World, a ticket broker for theme parks, sightseeing tours, and attractions around the globe. Working in Attraction World’s Birmingham, UK office, Mr. Seaman carries out marketing and business development efforts and oversees ticket sales to more than 5,000 attractions in 32 countries. He also works to maintain relations with the company’s suppliers.  Read the rest of this entry »