Nancy P. Cotton

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Title: Property Manager

Company: Region of Peel

Location: Branton, ON, Canada

Possessing more than 35 years of service to the Region of Peel in Canada, Nancy Cotton has become a staple figure in public service as a property manager. Responsible for handling properties pertaining to water, wastewater, waste management facilities and communication towers, Ms. Cotton’s abilities make a difference for the area. In addition, she maintains the upkeep of real estate properties, such as vacancies and easements. The Peel Region represents multiple municipalities, including cities and towns. Her work aids in the management of said region, the development of innovative programs and responding to the needs of the people residing in the area.

The work that Ms. Cotton does makes her feel incredibly accomplished. At the end of the day, she is able to go home knowing she made a difference to benefit the lives of her neighbors and communities. The position has also allowed her to continue learning and growing. She holds degrees in environmental science, business management and leadership training. She enjoys being a leader, and doubly enjoys the sensation of completing jobs or providing services with a smile on her face. She endeavors to continue building her portfolio and helping more clients within her organization. In addition, she philanthropically supports Coast to Coast, Cure for Kids and the Terry Fox Run.

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