Brendan Kavanagh

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LogoTitle: Chief Executive Officer

Company: Olive Media

Location: Dublin, Ireland

In 2010, Brendan Kavanagh joined Olive Media, a global digital media production company that provides clients with digital media solutions and platforms, customer course development, video productions, and hosting interactive media and international communications, as the CEO. He gained extensive experience in the industry over the years and earned a reputation for his ability to grow companies and develop their brands.

Mr. Kavanagh’s goal is to provide services that empower companies through the use of technology, and enable them to strengthen their online presence and engage their customers. In his role, he is tasked with overseeing the daily business operations of the company, working with offices in Dubai, London, Madrid, Dublin and Australia, supervising the company’s production and projects, and marketing. He also brings solutions and existing means of communications to interactivity through working closely with clients and listening to their needs.

Prior to joining Olive Media, Mr. Kavanagh served in a variety of executive positions. He was the managing director of Schlumberger and EPS, the CEO of Olive Safety, and vice president of sales development at Tokheim. His previous roles exposed him to all different facets of the business world and he learned how to build and develop strong teams, develop new business, and create businesses strategies that promote growth and prosperity.

Mr. Kavanagh is proud of his professional achievements and believes he has been able to succeed in the industry due to his realism and creativity. Looking toward the future, he intends to become a global player in the field.

Brendan Kavanagh


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