Fernando Mercado

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Fernando MercadoTitle:  President, Chief Executive Officer

Company: Masterbrand Consulting

Location: Mexico City, Federal District, Mexico

Mexico City, Mexico, January 29, 2015, With 50 years of professional experience under his belt, Fernando Mercado has become one of the most important specialists in the creation, management and strategy development for brand and identity programs in Mexico. Throughout the years, he has remained dedicated to the positioning of brands and identities for local and multinational organizations to obtain their differentiation and competitive success. In 1964 in New York City, where he was born, Mr. Mercado came to discover his true passion: graphic design, when he became a part of McGraw Hill’s illustration task force; this was the year established by him as the milestone of his professional career. He marks the greatest achievement of his career as being one of the very few in his field to design, manage and implement the corporate identity for the best companies in Mexico. He participated in the development of the first credit card worldwide produced totally in colored PVC. Additionally, he was the only designer in Mexico to design 20 mail stamps in commemoration of the colonial monument preservation. He is currently responsible for providing his clients with cutting-edge strategies, guidance and supervision to help them to maximize their brand capital, identity, or business acceptance, loyalty, and potential in order to increase their market share.

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Fernando Mercado


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