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Leonard Wosu 1755526Title: Scientific Evaluator

Company: Health Canada

Location: Ontario, Canada

Dr. Leonard O. Wosu started his career as a medical research scientist and worked on the toxicology of pesticides. He was always in some aspect of the medical field, working as a professor and medical technician, and eventually found his niche at Health Canada, a government agency that provides a wide range of health care services.

Dr. Wosu has amassed more than 30 years of professional experience and has been serving in his position for the past 11 years. Well versed in medical research, Dr. Wosu is responsible for reviewing submissions of the licensing of pesticides, verifying documents, overseeing toxicological studies of pesticides, and approving or disapproving the use of said pesticides.

Throughout his career, Dr. Wosu conducted research in the thyroid research unit at Montreal General Hospital and in rheumatic diseases at Notre-Dame Hospital, as well as researched the interaction of steroid hormones with mammary tissue in breast cancer. He also taught science at Greaves Adventist Academy and classes in physical science, human biology, chemistry and ecology for students in seventh through 11th grade.

Dr. Wosu won the award given by the Society of Clinical Investigation for research on atherosclerosis in 1983. He was also honored with the Award of Recognition from the Montreal Association of School Admin and the Atherosclerosis Award. He attributes his success to his fascination with academics. He always wanted to be a professor in some aspect of the medical field.

Dr. Leonard Wosu was originally selected for inclusion in Elite Worldwide Executives and Professionals in August 2014. We are proud to be featuring Dr. Wosu again in Elite Worldwide Executives and Professionals for 2015.

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