Roger J. Crocker

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Title: Chairman/ Education Consultant

Company: Adventure Service Challenge (ASC-Scheme)

Location: United Kingdom

Roger J. Crocker always had a passion for music and has been in his music career for over 40 years. He is dedicated to music education and became the chairman and education consultant for Adventure Service Challenge (ASC-Scheme) four years ago. Adventure Service Challenge (ASC-Scheme) is a three-fold, integrated, interwoven scheme of activity for young people aged 8 to 14 years and beyond that provides them with arts, entertainment and education services.

Recognized as an expert in his field, Mr. Crocker is responsible for managing quality assurance. He is a conductor as well as a keyboard player, and a music examiner. Mr. Cocker has been directing music, as a volunteer and a paid employee, at his church for 27 years. He attributes his success to being with children all the time and working with the local government in music education. Looking toward the future, Mr. Crocker would like to maintain his links with music organizations.

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Roger J. Crocker


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