Carmelo Chines

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Title: Qualified Person

Company: SIFI S.p.A.

Location: Aci Sant’antonio, Italy

Carmelo Chines has 15 years of professional experience, with five years as a Qualified Person of SIFI S.p.A. As an expert in preventative action, he is responsible for analyzing all activities from the previous day’s business, checking for critical data involving machine failures and alarm systems, and planning for any unforeseen problems that may arise. He maintains direct contact with the chief executive officer and teams to share his findings.

Looking back, Mr. Chines attributes his success to having the ability and skill to raise and improve standards within the organization. He became involved in his profession because he was committed to improving processes.

Mr. Chines received a Laurea in Nutrition and Endocrinology from Facoltα di Farmacia in 2000. In recognition of his hard work, he received a Best Corporate Campaign Award in 2006. In his spare time, Mr. Chines supports the Bayern Munich Soccer Club, and he is an avid photographer. In years to come, Mr. Chines hopes to increase the company’s production levels by 10 percent each year and achieve good results on inspections.

Contact Carmelo Chines

Chines, Carmelo 1906567


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