Bill Anderson

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Title: Patent and Trademark Attorney

Company: Ahearn Fox

Location: Brisbane, QLD Australia

Brisbane, QLD, November 18, 2015, A proven leader in the field of legal services, Mr. Anderson has worked for Ahearn Fox for the last 19 years. The firm is a well-established practice of patent and trademark attorneys qualified to take on matters of mechanical, electrical and chemical engineering patent applications. Mr. Anderson entered this area of law through a unique progression of opportunities in the field. While interviewing for a position with a filtration company three decades ago, he admitted to his interviewer that he believed the position required a mechanical engineer, not a chemical engineer, which he was. His honesty led him to talk himself away from a job offer, but opened up an opportunity with the same company to manage their intellectual property, as they had 17 inventions they needed patented. After working in this capacity for a few years, Mr. Anderson decided to transition to the other side of the business as a patent attorney.

Mr. Anderson then became a registered patent and trademarks attorney after achieving a JD. He was trained and qualified through the inaugural class of the Academy of the Institute of Patent and Trademark Attorneys of Australia. He is a chartered engineer and a corporate member of the Institution of Chemical Engineers in Australia. He is also a member of the Engineering Council of the United Kingdom. Mr. Anderson also has industrial experience in the fields of industrial filtration, membrane separation technology and in the commercial aspects of intellectual property rights.

The highlight of Mr. Anderson’s career lies in his involvement in patenting the symbol definition apparatus, which is an Australian invention that became the basis of the simple Chinese character import for computers.  He is also proud to have worked in technical advising roles in his career. Looking ahead, Mr. Anderson plans to continue in his work.

Contact Bill Anderson

Anderson, Bill 56114


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