Frank J. Mueller

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Mueller, Frank 1585086Title: Technical Director
Company: Specialized Technical Services Est.
Location: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Frank J. Mueller, Technical Director of Specialized Technical Services Est., became involved in his profession because of his insatiable curiosity for all things technical. His background in mechanical and aircraft engineering opened a world of constant technical challenges. Specialized Technical Services Est. offers leak detection and management, pipe rehabilitation, GIS services and technical consultation for turnkey projects for the oil, gas, water and waste-water industries.

As the technical director of the company, Mr. Mueller is responsible for overseeing the investment portfolio, and strategic, operational and business development activities. He is also in charge of planning, developing and managing turnkey projects with solutions for major industry corporations on both a regional and international level. Prior to his position with Specialized Technical Services, Est., Mr. Mueller worked with Vetco Inspection.

According to Mr. Mueller, some of the keys to his success have been his perseverance, drive and technical expertise, as well as the care and support he has received from his family. In five years, Mr. Mueller would like to share his vast experience and knowledge by belonging to a think-tank of experts, and creating a knowledge source for those seeking technical solutions.

Mr. Mueller earned a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from the University of Kiel, which is located in Germany. He is a Certified Quality Manager DIN EN ISO 9001, and also holds a DT SNT-TC-1A Level II Certification and an API ILI FT L3, RBI. Mr. Mueller is affiliated with a number of associations and societies, including Aircraft Engineering Technicians, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Munich, the American Petroleum Institute, Drinking Water Infrastructure Professionals and Pipeline Professionals.

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Mueller, Frank 1585086


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