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Ford, Sean 2088883Title: Managing Partner

Company: Dancor Construction Limited

Location: Brampton, ON, Canada

Sean Ford is the Owner and Managing Partner of Dancor Construction Limited, a construction and project management consulting firm. He opened the doors to the company more than 12 years ago with the intention of specializing in the design and build of industrial, commercial/retail and residential uses. In his position, Mr. Ford develops the properties, builds projects and manages the overall operations. Additionally, he takes an active role in strategically planning and financially forecasting. Mr. Ford lends his expertise to his staff, as he coaches, trains and sets compliant standards for his company. With a goal of creating a product that exceeds the expectations of his clients, he focuses on progressing team performance, overseeing product selection, creating, and targeting design.  

Mr. Ford has nearly two decades of experience in the construction industry that refines and builds upon every day in the industry. With his confidence and critical care of customers, he ensures service and results are met in a timely fashion. For such work, he has been recognized with several awards, including the Economic Developer of the Year and the Economic Development Award from London Economic Development in 2013. Additionally, his company has been recognized as one of the 50 Best Managed Companies in Canada, and he has received the Building Award from LSTAR, the Design and Construction Award and the Mississauga Developer Award.

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Ford, Sean 2088883


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