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James Wilson 1654587Title: Chief Executive Officer, Chairman

Company: DeerFields Clinic

Location: Ontario, Canada

James Wilson is a highly accomplished professional who became a CEO at the tender age of 27. Today, Mr. Wilson has 36 years of industry experience and is the CEO and chairman of DeerFields Clinic, a boutique-style executive health clinic and Canada’s leader in age management medicine. The company is in the process of changing the health care model within Canada where it is now focusing on the proactive and¬†preventative health care to help with burden on social systems. An expert in age management, executive health and life transformation retreats, Mr. Wilson is responsible for overseeing the daily business operations. Mr. Wilson prides himself on his passion and commitment to the industry and being able to lead professional people.

Aside from his work at DeerFields Clinic, Mr. Wilson is the current owner of three other mid-sized corporations: Wilson’s Truck Lines Limited, Trailcon Leasing Inc., and Waste Logistics, Inc. He attributes his success to his hard work. Looking toward the future, Mr. Wilson plans for continued growth with DeerFields Clinic.

James Wilson


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