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gfgfdgfddTitle: Director

Company: Cutting Edge Culture

Location: United Kingdom

Lynn Pearce is a corporate culture expert with 18 years experience working with large corporations globally, including banking and finance, telecommunications, mining and industrial, and government. She specializes in what it takes to change behavior in organizations, as well as adult learning techniques, and has garnered a reputation for her strong skill set and industry knowledge.

As the director of Cutting Edge Culture, a corporate culture management company, Ms. Pearce is responsible for writing and producing the educational modules of “Walking the Talk,” which is based on Carolyn Taylor’s 2005 book of the same name. She also helps organizations’ employees develop the mindsets, skills and behaviors necessary for them to achieve their strategic goals.

Throughout her career Ms. Pearce has been involved in large organizational culture change projects. She has collaborated with Professor Roger Collins of the Australian Graduate School of Management; Carolyn Taylor, author of “Walking the Talk – Building a Culture for Success”; and Rick Ross, co-author with Peter Senge of “The Fifth Discipline Handbook.” She also led various assignments and focused her efforts on diagnostic research, culture development programs, curriculum design, and project management and facilitation. Ms. Pearce attributes her success to her ability to make complex situations simple.

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Lynn Pearce


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