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George Trachilis 1619136Title: President, Chief Executive Officer

Company: Lean Leadership Institute

Location: Alberta, Canada

George Trachilis is the president and CEO of Lean Leadership Institute, an online business coaching company that provides high-quality and economical education support for Lean leaders and the improvement of organizational performance. Mr. Trachilis is known as the Lean Guru and is highly respected in his field. He works with industry leaders, consultants, coaches, or executives to solve complicated 21st century problems with people-based systems. Mr. Trachilis also develops course materials, consults over the Internet, and writes online courses. He has traveled all over the world, authored “OEM Principles of Lean Thinking” and hosted online seminars and webinars with the intention of helping people find the leader inside them. Mr. Trachilis believes that he may even help people more so than any doctor as he gets people to change their lives by encouraging them to move out of their comfort zone and into a zone of learning. He sees his clients find an energy that they never thought they had. Mr. Trachilis’ greatest reward is watching people grow, and that scores well above the money and security he has in his current role as president of the Lean Leadership Institute.  He advises others to join him and develop themselves as leaders in society. For more information please visit and

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George Trachilis


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