Dr. Dawn Peters-Bascombe

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Dawn Peters-Bascombe 1632825Title: Nursing Clinical Instructor, Certified Professional Coach, Legal Nurse Consultant

Company: Ryerson University

Location: Toronto, Canada

Dr. Dawn Peters-Bascombe desired to be a nurse from a young age. She has lived out her passion for more than three decades, working as a nurse and educator in the health care profession. A natural leader and team-builder, she is highly trusted and recommended among both students and peers alike to address a series of problems and concerns. Dr. Peters-Bascombe is known for brainstorming a series of ideas that lead to optimized patient care.

She began her career as a nurse for an established 300-plus bed hospital serving a culturally vibrant community. Dr. Peters-Bascombe steadily progressed throughout the industry and developed a keen interest in research. A talented professional, she synthesizes complex information from research findings to provide concise and streamlined responses as well as high-impact reports and presentations. Today, Dr. Peters-Bascombe has a lifetime commitment to quality education programs that emphasize each student’s personal development toward practical experience in hospital and health care settings.

She takes great pride in advising and counseling community health nursing students, promoting evidenced-based learning among students, assisting students in activities such as: creating and implementing effective learning plans, and assisting students with their student-led conference facilitation, and helping them to apply community health nursing concepts to their nursing practice. Dr. Peters-Bascombe utilizes her strong skill set and knowledge to help nursing students maximize their full potential while caring for clients in any health care setting. She promotes patient advocacy among nursing students and encourages nursing students to seek higher learning opportunities, such as graduate studies. Dr. Peters-Bascombe has won numerous awards for her exceptional work and attributes her success to her mother’s support and to the help of the Almighty God.

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Dawn A. Peters-Bascombe


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