Paul J. Ferris

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Ferris, Paul 1632672.jpgTitle: Chief Executive Officer in Scotland

Company: MIDAS

Location: Fenwick, Kilmarnock, United Kingdom

As an ex-offender, Paul J. Ferris knows better than anyone how hard it can be for ex-offenders to successfully acclimate back into society. This is why he became involved with MIDAS, a nonprofit organization that offers counseling, educational programs, and victim awareness and life coaching to enhance thinking and stop the cycle of violence. Drawing from his own life experiences, Mr. Ferris understands the paths of young gang members, and hopes to reach them by speaking in a language they can understand. He is especially adept at connecting with clients and having one-on-one dialogue.

For the past decade Mr. Ferris has helped countless repeat offenders and individuals suffering from drug and alcohol abuse secure a second chance at life. He is certified in substance abuse, wellness and enhanced thinking skills through Durham University. Although Mr. Ferris finds his current role to be extremely fulfilling, he has very ambitious plans for the future. In the coming years, he hopes to master all exams at school and become involved in the psychology industry, with a concentration on social skills. Outside of his involvement with MIDAS, Mr. Ferris is involved with the Red Cross and Army Benevolent Fund.

Contact Paul J. Ferris

Ferris, Paul 1632672


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